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Resilient Waters is working to advance best practices at the intersection of flood infrastructure, fish passage, climate change, ecosystems, and land use. We don't have our own products to show off just yet, but below you will find links to a collection of documents informing our work. Our webinars also feature local and international experts speaking on these issues.

A report from the two day workshop from June 2019 that summarizes the issue of flood infrastructure and fish passage from a cross-sector multi-stakeholder and rights holder perspective within the Lower Fraser. The workshop was hosted by Watershed Watch Salmon Society

The ELC paper examines the legal requirements to manage fish and fish habitat and makes six recommendations to improve flood management infrastructure.

Resources relating directly to Lower Fraser from flood management, fish passage, and salmon habitat. Also be sure to check out Fraser Basin Council's FloodWise resource page

Documents that detail both the problem and solutions to fish passage by flood and tide gates

Documents that outline both the problem with and solutions to pumpstations and fish passage

Research: List
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