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Interim Project Update & Report to Advisory April 15th 2020

Updated: May 12, 2020

Thanks for those that could make it for our second Resilient Waters advisory meeting on April 15th, 2020. This brief report shares what happened including:

  • An overview of the project

  • An update on our progress thus far and adapting our work (particularly Field Work) to Covid

  • A draft list of 20 flood infrastructure sites where we want to focus our efforts to improve fish passage and climate resilience on the Lower Fraser River

  • Notes from Breakout Discussions on:

  1. Adapting to overlapping crises – COVID, Flooding, Salmon

  2. Solutions to Fish Passage – how effective are they?

  3. How can we collaborate better?

  4. Future of Resilient Waters

Our next steps:

  • Reach out to interested groups and First Nations to discuss these sites (and others), gather and share information, and better understand what we can contribute

  • Organize an online ‘solutions’ focused workshop with organizations from across North America (and elsewhere?) for early summer

  • Develop infographics & visualizations of the problem and solutions with UBC Coastal Adaptation Lab

  • Continue to adapt our field work program to Covid

  • Further refine the list of projects and identify some for engineering feasibility where applicable

Thank you to those that filled out our feedback form. Whether you were at the workshop or not, please feel free to fill out this feedback survey which includes a question about which of the 20 sites you have interest in:

Thanks and please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, advice, or ideas,

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